Buy Local Mondays - Girlie Goods/Good View Natual Products

I kinda forgot about this today; sure I picked up some groceries at Nature's Pantry and some beer from Little Daisy Liquor, but I have already written about both of those and I haven't really had much time today to do anything besides what I had to do.

If you have read my 'about' section, you probably know that I just opened/am in the process of opening a graphic design/web design business (Organized Chaos Design & Marketing). One of the businesses that I am currently working with is Girlie Goods/Good View Natural Products and while technically I haven't bought any products, I have gotten a few freebie samples.

I have some of the Almond Avocado Moisturizing Cream and Almond Lip Balm and I LOVE these products! While you can't buy these products online... yet (but when I finish the website you will be able too, yes I am shamelessly pimping my own business too), but if you are in the Chaffee County area the products are available at Neighborhood Natural Goods in Salida, CO.

Just a pic from my photo shoot today.

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